Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zion National Park - Kolob Canyon

We decided to stop at the northern portion of Zion National Park on our way to Capitol Reef National Park.  We were planning to spend most of the day exploring Kolob Canyon.  Due to unfortunate weather conditions we only had the opportunity to hike the Timber Creek Overlook Trail.

We thought we could make this 1-mile round trip without carrying any rain gear.  Huge mistake on our part. The trail was muddy and wet most of the way.  We both were pretty wet upon our return.

Kolob Canyons is the northwest section of Zion National Park of Utah, United States. The Kolob Canyons are part of the Colorado Plateau region of the park and are noted for their colorful beauty and diverse landscape.

Here in the northwest corner of the park, narrow parallel box canyons are cut into the western edge of the Colorado Plateau, forming majestic peaks and 2,000 foot cliff walls.  

Whether you come to view the panoramic landscape from a scenic drive, hike into one of the majestic canyons, or begin a multi-day adventure into the Zion Wilderness, Kolob Canyons has something special for everyone to experience.

The Timber Creek Overlook Trail follows along a small ridge with spectacular views of the Kolob Canyons, the Kolob Terrace, and the Pine Valley Mountains. In the background lies Timber Top Mountain 8055 feet.

I found a small hole within the mountain.  

I was waiting for the clouds to clear to get a better picture of the mountain ridge.  We really enjoyed our short trip to Kolob Canyon.  

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